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[对人体的影响]一般加工机在生产中会产生含有多氯联苯等复杂成分的大量油雾、烟雾长期吸入人体后会发生肺,肝 脏,咽喉等疾病,并可能诱发慢性眼科疾病,皮肤油疹等。
[影响环境、浪费资源]如果油雾中含有粉尘和复杂的有害微粒自然排放,造成周边的环境污染。油雾的散失导致了切削 液的大量消耗,降低使用效率,资源浪费。
[on the human body impact] general processing machine in production will produce containing polychlorinated biphenyls and other complex components of large quantity of oil mist, and smoke long-term inhalation of the human body will happen after lung, liver, throat disease and may induced chronic eye diseases, skin oils and rash.
The impact of the productivity of the oil and steam is collected in time, while taking away the heat of the equipment, reducing the equipment failure, reducing the number of equipment down.
[impact to the environment, waste of resources] if the oil mist containing dust and complex of harmful particles in natural emissions, resulting in the surrounding environment pollution. Loss of oil mist resulting from consumption of cutting fluid, reduce the use efficiency, waste of resources.
Oil mist mixture in the factory building, the increase of oil vapor density, the content of a certain value, there is a fire safety hazard.
The temperature rise in the machine tool, which causes the electrical system to advance the insulation aging and increase the failure rate of the system.